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Carving Pots Series


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99 in stock

Light and handy.
Never out of style.
The original hand carved stripes are simple and versatile, suitable for any home decoration style.
2 different sizes available: It can be harmoniously matched with any plants or flowers.
3 color available: Cement, brownish gray and chocolate.

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 cm





Luo Ruizhen
Luo Ruizhen
Luo Ruizhen has served as the product manager of Fortune 500 companies for many times.
Wang Xiaojun
Wang Xiaojun
Wang Xiaojun, a structuralist design master
Wu Tong
Wu Tong
Wu Tong is a senior automation engineer.
Wang Yafan
Wang Yafan
Wang Yafan has a doctorate in industrial design.
Zhang Yangyang
Zhang Yangyang
Zhang Yangyang has a doctorate in art
Wang Ruiting
Wang Ruiting
Wang Ruiting is a professional interior designer.
Wang Shixing
Wang Shixing
Wang Shixing is a master of Greenship product creativity and marketing.
Zhang Yixin
Zhang Yixin
Zhang Yixin has a doctorate in design, Everyone calls him “design ghost”.




Where to buy ?
1.Where can I buy a Greenship Handmade pot ?
Here in our online shop or go to our official shop on Amazon.
What should i do if I saw a picture of flower pot but cannot find it on the online store ?
Please send us a message to ask about the stock or find a retail store of our partners in your area.

Q&A regarding our products
(1) What kind of materials do you use and why the flower pot is called eco-friendly ?
You know,our materials are made of a mixture of porcelain clay and polymer resin. All the components are 100% recyclable or degradable.

(2) Is my Greenship handmade pot waterproof?
Sure, as it’s made of porcelain clay and polymer resin, it is absolutely waterproof.

(3) What should I do if it freezes?
No need to panic, thanks to our patent materials and technology, all of our products of all collections are anti-frost.

(4) Will the color of my flower pot fade?
Yes, all colored products will fade away once they are under UV. The only difference is just the speed. The speed of our colored products is much slower than that of others.

(5) How does the flower pot handle rough weather ?
It can be normally used from minus 50 Celsius degree to 100 Celsius degree.

(6) Is your pot drillable? Is there any saucers to match them?
In general, the product we sell is without drill unless you ask for it specifically. We can drill the hole, it is $0.07 per pot. And we have saucers to match with most of our pots, you can find them in the accessories of products.

(1) What should I do if the pot is damaged or imperfect when I receive it ?
We are really sorry if that happens. Unless the pot appears its natural random patterns, any other problems of breaking, spots or fading of color etc., please declare a claim to our customer service.

(2) How long is my flower pot supposed to be used ?
Usually, a pot of Greenship is supposed to have a lifespan of 20 years.

4. Questions most asked by the wholesalers

(1) What’s your trading terms ?
Accepted Price Terms: FOB, CIF, EXW, CNF Accepted
Payment Currency: USD, CNY Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C

(2) What’s your company business ability?
Language Spoken: English, French, Chinese,Japanese
Commercial Department: About 30 People
Average Lead Time: 30 Days

(3) What does the standard price include ?
We quote our FOB QIINGDAO price based on our standard product packed to all of our customers. The additional fee will be charged if customers have other special requirements.

(4) Is it possible to visit your company and factories ?
Absolutely yes! We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory for discussion and cooperation! You could choose whether to go to our factory in Qingdao or the other one in Yuzhou. If you decide to visit our factory, please feel free to contact us. We will send a special car to pick you up with pleasure.

(5) Is it possible to do work on a co-branding project or customize products?
Sure, our mold workroom is ideal for creating customized products and requires less investment to open new molds. We can make a new mould within one month for the round shapes, while it will take 45 days for the abnormal shapes. The mould fee depends on the shape and size of your design. If the order quantity of each new mould reaches 10000 pieces, we will refund the mould fee.


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