What kind of products caused a sensation at the Canton Fair? Revolutionize the gardening world!

      At the 135th Canton Fair, the GreenShip brand booth made a splash. Its first exhibited ecological recycling self watering system product caused a sensation, subverted the horticulture industry, and was highly sought after by European and American customers. The brand’s new products such as water window drop it in self watering system,healthy root self watering system, homeOasis self watering system and indoor landscape self watering system provide high-quality social people with ecological self-circulating green innovative products.

      What’s more, the GreenShip brand was also interviewed live by the film crew of the official website of the Canton Fair – Haobao, Haoni explored Canton Fair. Liu Ya, the international sales manager, introduced the unique features and advantages of the company’s debut products. Among them, the self watering spikes of water window drop it in self watering system is particularly eye-catching. It is the latest patented product and can be called the “chip” of the self watering system. Insert, drop it in, a self watering system can be easily completed. When repotting and growing flowers, your hands will not get dirty, which is extremely convenient and fast. Because of such unique innovative advantages, the GreenShip brand was highly sought after by customers during the exhibition.

      This first exhibition achieved outstanding results, which not only demonstrated the strong strength and innovation capabilities of the GreenShip brand, but also laid a solid foundation for its further expansion into the international market. The GreenShip brand will continue to be committed to bringing more surprises and innovative high-quality products to gardening enthusiasts around the world.