Deco Pots

If the plastic pot is a routine product for planting, the deco pot can be the necessity and luxury for decorating plants.
The plants we buy in the flower market usually have a plastic pot, which is cheap and too simple, and even at home, it will dilute the brilliance of plants.
The deco pot, like the gorgeous coat we wear, can not only cover the plastic pot and protect plants to grow but also improve the value of plants and beautify our living environment.


Each component in this set is made by hand.
With the warmth and sentiments of craftsmen, the color is so natural.
It is more natural and alive with some plants and flowers, showing the sense of primitive simplicity. We can plant something in pots based on our own preferences for both green plants and delicate flowers can bring vitality and vitality to our daily life.
The structure of small garden is simple and convenient.
It can be on display at home or on the table in the office. It not only warms the place but also expresses positive growth and the sense of life.
We can appreciate the most beautiful scenery of our small world just indoors.
Such a beautiful landscape of handmade pot, it is too lonely for ourselves.
So why not share it with the people who we love?
Please give it to our family, friends and lovers as a surprise gift.