The Dragon Boat Festival

In the middle of summer, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming.
At this time, the day is getting longer and it is full of heat with the burning sun.
Li Longji, an emperor of the Tang dynasty, once wrote that "the Dragon Boat Festival is in midsummer and the day is being longer."

The Dragon Boat Festival, one of the most important traditional festivals in China,
is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year.
The first Chinese character “duan” is for "initial" in English. 
The origins of the Dragon Boat Festival are numerous, such as the well-known commemoration of Qu Yuan, the authoritative totem sacrifice of ancient Yue ethnic group, and the commemoration of Wu Zikai and Cao in some areas.
In fact, no matter which origin, it is a product of the great integration of the Chinese nation.
It is the light that has passed through the millennium and conveys the cultural sentiments of ancestors to us.


On this day, the main thing is to eat scorpions. 
People will pick the cilantro, dip the glutinous rice, and mix the stuffing to make the scorpion.  Crystal glutinous rice are wrapped in green leaves, which is placed inside a sweet date, or some red beans.Then people use grass ropes to tie it, like a water chestnut.
After being cooked, it will produce natural fragrance and tastes so sweet.


The Dragon Boat Festival brings us not only feelings and satiety, but also excitement.
There was a poem in the Chaoshan area that describes the Festival,
" Every family wants to remove the disaster by taking Chinese mugworts
and to keep their spirits up,
but I prefer the dragon boat race."
The Dragon Boat Festival was a summer festival for people to bath in order to eliminate disease and prolong life and other customs like wearing sachets, drinking male yellow rice wine,hanging calamus, rowing boat, and composing poetry.
In fact, people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival is just for praying for happiness and well-being.