Grain Buds

It is in mid-May with the glaring sunlight and climbing temperature.
After the quiet end of the colorful spring, everyday it is like you can feel the approach of the hot summer.

Yesterday was grain buds, the second solar term in summer.

In A Collective Interpretation of the Seventy-two Phenological, in mid-April the grain of summer crops such as wheat in the northern part of the country has begun to be plump, but it has not yet matured. It’s just growing, not to be ripe.

For crops, after the grain buds, they are completely mature. But for the individual, things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.

Therefore, being not perfect is the best state of life. Those who are easily content are always happy.

Crops will always be mature because of growth, so do people.

Be comfortable with everything in our daily life and we should make great efforts to make great progress. So does Greenship.

Our company has gradually developed into an international famous brand enterprise from the small factory. In the glorious course of nearly three decades, we have always maintained a humble attitude and created one miracle after another, which gradually completed our corporate vision.

Greenship means that our company will have a brighter and more successful future.

This sailing ship, carrying hopes and dreams of the people in Greenship, converges into a solid paddle with faith and uses the spirit to lift the canvas on the mast, from the stream to river and finally into the ocean and sea. It firmly endeavors for the longer-term future.
Being not perfect is full of content.