The BIG5 Dubai 2018

In the World Trade Center of Dubai, the 39th BIG5 was successfully held on November 26, 2018. The BIG5 Dubai started in 1980, which is an exhibition of large-scale construction, building materials, household electrical appliances and services with great influence in the Middle East. 
  Dubai's blue sky and clean streets
  Dubai is a magical city, especially known for its beauty and cleanliness. Staying in Dubai, nothing bad comes to you to stain the beautiful and clean city. In order to keep it that way forever, we need work together. Prevention is better than post-event governance, so let us focus on the source with no use of environmentally damaging items and without doing things that damage the environment. With this business philosophy, we take our PSW products to participate in the BIG5 Dubai. There are two reasons; one is that the environmental protection concept of our PSW material is very compatible with Dubai. The arrival of our PSW material products will not burden Dubai’s environment. Our PSW material products can degrade themselves after ten years of use. They will eventually return to nature and not detrimental to nature, and they are best for this piece of pure land. The other is to develop new markets. In 2015, the international market was in turmoil, but Dubai still maintains economic flexibility with economic diversification and maintains economic growth, so it is necessary to enter Dubai market.  
(Exhibition Site)
  (Exhibition Site)
  Ceramic flower pots are made of porcelain clay that is a better material for flower pot. Their color is bright and various, and their designs are diverse. However they are not good in breathability and water permeability. So it is not easy to control the dry and wet conditions of flower soil.  

In 2016, we participated in the BIG5 Dubai for the first time. And we made quite good results.
On November 26, 2018, we were in the BIG5 Dubai again. And the results are still very good.
All these are due to our patented environmentally friendly composite material- PSW, no harm to nature.