Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Flower Pots

  What kind of flower pot is better for flower cultivation?
Let’s make an analysis:

Plastic flower pots

Plastic flower pots are the most widely used flower pots, mainly because of the low price and variety of styles.Many flower markets choose plastic pots as the original pots of flowers and plants. However, the plasticflowerpots have poor water permeability, so they are only suitable for cultivation of hygrophilous plants,such as Epipremnum aureum, Epipremnum aureum, and Monstera deliciosa Liebm or sometimes used as the outer flower pots. Their biggest drawback is that they are not environmentally friendly, can not be degraded.

  Wooden flower pots
  Wooden flower pots are flower containers made from various woods. They have no fixed size specifications, and they are light in weight and low in cost, have good breathability and strong ability to lock water and fertilizer. They are suitable for planting various flowers, and can be shaped into different shapes according to different scenes. However, these pots are easily rotted by water, fertilizer and microorganisms to mildew and breed bacteria. Otherwise, their service life is short.  
  Ceramic flower pots
  Ceramic flower pots are made of porcelain clay that is a better material for flower pot. Their color is bright and various, and their designs are diverse. However they are not good in breathability and water permeability. So it is not easy to control the dry and wet conditions of flower soil.  
  Earthen flower pots
  Earthen flower pots are commonly used. Their workmanship is rough, price is low. They are good in breathability and water permeability, so they are very beneficial to plant growth. But they have a downside that if they are placed outside for a long time, they will be easy to weather. The outside of the basin will be covered with mosses which will affect their appearances. If so, they are not suitable for indoors because it is unsightly.  
  Purple sand flower pots

Purple sand flower pots have various designs and diversified colors. They are also good in breathability and water permeability and very beneficial to plant growth. Those beautiful purple sand pots match with the flowers, which has a poetic aura. So many potted plant lovers love them. However beauty is value, their price is higher.
  SPW flower pots

SPW flower pots are a new eco-friendly flower pots. They have all the advantages of ceramic pots, plastic pots and wooden pots. They are not only good in breathability and water permeability and beneficial to plant growth but also eco-friendly, degradable, beautiful and sturdy. It is important that their service life is very long, ten years. They are suitable for indoors and outdoor. And the most important thing is their moderate price. In summary, you are deserved to have them.