It has been 15 years since we started to participate in the Canton Fair in 2003. Except for the Canton Fair, we also
participated in many  well-known foreign exhibitions, such as the spoga+gafa in Germany, The Atlanta International
Gift & Home Furnishings Market , NHS, the Glee in the UK, China homelife fair Mexico, China homelife fair Poland 
and BIG5 in Dubai. Every exhibition we participated in was different but wonderful. Today, we will focus on the Canton
Fair because it’s special for our company.

15 years’ exhibition experiences witnessed the growth of our company. We opened up the horizon, made friends,
and left countless beautiful moments:

( 98th Canton Fair)

      In 2003, we participated in the Canton Fair for the first time. Because of lack of experience,
our booth was small and exhibits were less. However it was a good start.


( 99th Canton Fair)

We participated in the Canton Fair for the second time. It was better than the first time.


( 100th Canton Fair)

Unique Design of the Thatch Hut

( 101st Canton Fair)

More Exhibits
( 104th Canton Fair)

More Elements for Exhibition
( 107th Canton Fair)

More Intimate Service

( 115th Canton Fair)

Exploring Our Own Style

( 117th Canton Fair)

More Concise and Grandeur in Design

( 117th Canton Fair)

Display the New Brand, G-boat
( 117st Canton Fair)

Highlight the Mainstream Colors

( 122nd Canton Fair)

Make Heavy Use of Real Scene

( 123rd Canton Fair)

Unique Vine Hole

( 124th Canton Fair)
It is the Canton fair that has not yet gone far, which had achieved great success.To recollect 15 years of Canton Fair
exhibition history, we have always been here, never absent!For 15 years, we are getting better and better. Our booth
is getting bigger and bigger.Our exhibits are getting more and more. Our team is growing stronger and more professional.
15 years of Canton Fair exhibition history made today's GREENSHIP.We would make a little bit of progress in every
session of the canton fair.Did you witness the 15 years of Canton Fair with us together? If not, it is not late. If our
history is too late for you to participate, then please participate in our future! Welcome to our booth to make history
with us. We will wait for you in the 125th Canton Fair. Please be there in the spring of 2019.

Could you find your exclusive salesman!