Large gardening creative area- of Greenship
   Greenship is a family business with history of 25 years, originated in an ancient city of Yuzhou. Now we have already had two factories, located separately in Yuzhou and the beautiful modern city of Qingdao. After years of hard work, Greenship has already occupied the leading position in horticulture. In order to better display our products, we built two large exhibition hall separately in Yuzhou and Qingdao. They are not only gardening real experience center, but also visual feasts and art paradise.
Exhibition hall in Yuzhou.

   Exhibition hall in Yuzhou with the theme of elegant and magnificent.

   Walk near the hall, you will see a characteristic door made of mushroom fencing, which is tall and rough,full of Forest breath. Walk in the door, a natural wild thatch hut stands on the left hand. There are red wine and famous tea for customers all year round.A lifelike peach tree with blooming flowers stands on the right hand, which brings the breath of spring. Go deeper, the highlight of the exhibition hall - products appears in front of you. Flower pots are displayed in Left and right districts. On the left is the G-BOAT brand products,simple and elegant. On the right is the Greenship brand products, beautiful and exquisite. And in the intermediate area, there is the Liuhome brand products, natural and wild. Except for products, there are various flowers, branches and some fine oil paintings. All those beautiful things match together to create many beautiful views. Strolling around,you will feel like walking in the flower sea,green forest and art paradise. Rich products and high-level art arrangement make our exhibition hall very famous. Every year, our exhibition hall will add different themes and design elements according to different seasons to lead the latest trends. We are not only the largest and best manufacturer of gardening products, but also the wave rider in horticultural decoration.Customers can not only purchase the latest home accessories and gardening products, but also get the best home and courtyard design inspiration.

Exhibition hall in Qingdao.

Different from the Yuzhou exhibition hall, the layout of the Qingdao exhibition hall is more delicate and chic.
Qingdao exhibition hall has two floors, one for Greenship brand products, one for G-boat products, and the two floors are dotted with Liuhome brand products both for display and shaping the landscape.
Just like Yuzhou exhibition hall, the Qingdao exhibition hall is full of flowers, branches and oil paintings. However same elements bring new inspiration, there are many unalike beautiful views. Qingdao exhibition is more like a Jiangnan ancient courtyard with high an low buildings and winding and graceful cloisters. Five steps, one building, ten steps, one pavilion .

Ears, seeing is believing, welcome to visit the site, s urely look forward to your recognition.
The hall is not only a area for product display, but also a creative area of living environment guiding gardening experience area.We are not only dedicated to improving the quality of products for you, but also to improving the user experience. Therefore, if you are interested in our products or our exhibition hall, please come and experience it.