Flower tower pots are our newly developed large-scale outdoor landscape pots, and we have applied patents for them.
There are currently two diameters: 83cm and 88cm. Larger sizes can be customized.

1. The vertical design and our patented connection technology of flower tower pots can make flower tower attractive and stable. There is no quantity limit to make a flower tower, and flower tower pots can be stacked to any height. Filled with soil, the flower tower pots can resist windy weather.

2. The bottoms of the pots are specially designed, so they can be easily moved by forklift without disassembly.

3. There are 12 to 14 seedling holes on each flower tower pot, which are used for planting small flowers. Besides, the flower pot has the functions of storing water and overflowing water, which can automatically maintain the flowers without consuming a large amount of manpower.

4. Our flower tower pot is different from other similar products in the market. The biggest feature is that the top flower pot of them can be planted with large landscape plants. When large landscape plants and small flowers are planted, they will look like a towering tree covered with vines, beautiful and magnificent.