New Exhibition Hall New Image- SPW Planters Exhibition Hall

The SPW Planters Exhibition Hall is divided into two exhibition areas: Green Ship and G-boat, G-boat on the left, Green Ship on the right. The two exhibition areas with bilateral symmetry lay emphasis on the beauty of symmetry. At the entrance of the exhibition hall, there is a tree of peach blossoms lively in this beautiful spring day. It is not known that it decorates the spring or the spring dye it. The exhibition hall is divided into several grids according to the appearance of planters. Each grid is decorated with beautiful oil painting , branches with green buds and enchanting or pure flowers. walking in the exhibition hall is like a spring outing, always with scenery of beauty lighting your eyes, delighting your mood. Here is a beautiful scenery you can not miss, please come and date with her in the spring of 2017.

VIEW BY SHAPE:Round Planters, Square Planters, Rectangle Planters, Urn Planters, Abstract Planters, Tall Planters;
VIEW BY USAGE:Indoor Planters, Outdoor Planters, Hanging Planters, Pot Hanger, Automatic Watering System, Stand Planter, Water Tank Planter, Bridge Piece Planter, Storage Humidification Pot, Humidification Pot;
VIEW BY STYLE: Simple Plain Planters, Classic Sculpture Planters, Fashionable New Planters.

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