New Exhibition Hall New Image- Fiber Fencing , Thatch Hut, Thatch Tiles Exhibition Hall

       Standing before the exhibition hall, the first thing that catches your eyes is the two towering stick mushroom fence pillars - like the magic of the fantasy forest door. Stepping into the exhibition hall, you will first capture a touch of grass hut.It is built for the people who love the natural scenery. Keep on moving, you will find rows of a variety of colored thatch tiles placed neatly, different colors can bring different moods. At the end of the exhibition hall, standing under three super trees made of bamboo and surrounded by a cluster of fiber fencing , you will feel like being in the original ecological farmhouse and smelling the soil after the rain.
This is the Fiber Fencing , Thatch Hut, Thatch Tiles Exhibition Hall we built for you.
If you are interested, welcome to see it personally.


Fiber Fencing/ Thatch Hut/ Thatch Tiles       Material: PP (polypropylene),a neutral, non toxic plastic.  Color : grey, brown,dark brown,light brown,black brown,black.
 Applicable place:
courtyard,seabeach,rooftop ,garden      
Feature: natural looking,recycled material, UV resistant, easy to change size, water-tightness and resistant to wind.

If you would like to learn more details such as their sizes , welcome to check our electronic albums.