Company Show
Yuzhou city, China - Jun Porcelain has a history of over 2000 years,and  formerly it was for imperial use only. Jun is made of “magic clay” in Shenhou Town, Yuzhou City. The “magic clay” can repair itself automatically. In the still of night, Jun makes a slight crack. In the day, Jun is not damaged and perfect cracks apprear on the surface of Jun porcelain. Zixue Liu, founder of Greenship, is a native of Yuzhou city. After several years of research, he has used this “magic clay” and modern scientific formula to invent a “new material”. We have produced eco-firendly flower pots, fencing, thatch tiles and other roof cover products with our “new material”. We own dozens of national patents. Our exports have reached 10 million usd per year. GreenShip's patented products fill up the blank of industry.
Company's Brands are Greenship, G-boat, Liuhome, Beat Ceramic. And Liuhome is the exclusive brand of fencing, bamboo and thatch tiles. Those products have many advantages such as anti-corrosion, anti-uv,antiflaming, non-toxic and recyclable, etc.
Greenship brand derives from the Greenship Group's origin - Yuzhou City, the first capital of ancient China. Owe to the heritage of ancient culture, the Greenship products represent the dignity and elegance. For the Greenship brand design team, it concentrates on providing the most classical, practical as well as beautiful planters on the basis of the creation of the traditional molding process. Besides classical planters and urns, the Greenship products also include thatch roofing tiles and fencing, which are made of polypropylene and have natural looking. All the Greenship products create features for your living. They are perfect to your indoor and outdoor landscaping designs.