GREENSHIP • Handmade Pots

Yuzhou China, the original place of GREENSHIP • Handmade Pots, is also the birthplace of Jun porcelain, the China gift with a thousand-year heritage and unique to the royal family.

Liu Zixue, the founder of GREENSHIP, is deeply influenced by the Jun porcelain culture of his hometown. He blends Jun porcelain clay with polymer resin, uses his own patented technology, and integrates the ingenuity of the nine designers of Greenship. The GREENSHIP • Handmade Pots are made by hand kneading, hand shaping, hand carving, hand rubbing and other handcrafts, they are strong and thick, noble and elegant,the best choice for quality life.

Liu registered national invention patents successfully on May 31, 1999, and then the GREENSHIP • Handmade Pots were born.

After more than 20 years of efforts, GREENSHIP • Handmade Pots have been hot sales in 76 countries. And we are leading the trend of flower pot industry with our innovation of product design and technology.